Friday, March 24, 2017

Rainy Days

On a (very slightly) rainy day last month, Ellie got on her boots and pulled out her umbrella and headed out to the backyard. The air felt really nice and only the tiniest bit of sprinkles were coming down, so I went outside too to hang out. After a few minutes, Ellie told me to take pictures of her, and then proceeded to make some of the silliest faces and poses.

She cracks me up. (As do these pictures of her.)

Houston Temple

One thing that's been awesome about living in the Houston area is being so close to Jason's sister Tiffany. She and her family live in one of the cities right outside of Houston (unfortunately, on the opposite side as us - but that's our fault), and so we have been able to see them pretty regularly since we moved here.

In mid-February Tiffany's daughter Brynn's preschool group took a field trip to the Houston Temple (of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints). The girls and I were able to join them. It was so cool to be able to see the temple! Each of the kids were given papers that were sort of like "I Spy;" the paper had pictures of parts of the temple (the front entrance, one of the windows, the spire, etc.) and when the child found that part of the real temple, they got to circle it on their page.

Ellie and Zelda had so much fun. They spent pretty much the whole time giggling with their cousin Brynn, and really liked walking around the temple grounds and especially seeing the fountains and all of the flowers.

After a little picnic-style snack at the temple, we all drove to a nearby mall where the kids got to play on a fun indoor playground, and we had lunch at the food court. From there we finished up and went home.

It was a fun activity!

Preschool at the park

Since we've been here, the girls have had the awesome opportunity to be in a little mother's co-op preschool. They get to go to preschool once a week for a few hours and I get a break. We both love it, haha. It's usually held at a church building close to us, but one of the weeks in February was a "field trip" and we all met at the park.

End of January

The end of January consisted of Jason finishing his orientation and starting his actual rotations (his first one was out at the Texas Children's Katy location), and the girls and I getting more used to our new area.

One night before dinner Ellie was helping Jason cut onions. She ran to her dress up box nd came back with the sunglasses, to help "keep her eyes from crying."

Susie was adorable as ever in January, of course. She began spending more time in her high chair since she was finally big enough for it.

Annnnnd more high chair pics, because I can't resist.

Her expressions (and her eyebrows!) kill me.

Also, the girls took her for a spin on the plasma car. She actually loved it.